Furniture Repair

When you initially purchase a set of furniture—it instantly uplifts the spirit of your house, and it adds dimension to it but, when your furniture begins to wear out—it can make your house look dull and rather incomplete. It could be costly and expensive to invest in new furniture to preserve the charm of your house. If your furniture needs to be replaced—you can always hire furniture repair services to restore your furniture back to its former glory.

Niola Furniture Upholstery Service is known for providing excellent furniture repair in Bloomington, Plymouth, and Minnetonka. We have been in the upholstery business for a long time now, and we have diversified our services to providing furniture repair to our clients. Niola Furniture Upholstery Service has earned the status of offering detail-oriented and seamless furniture repair services to its broad range of clients. We provide top-notch furniture and cushion repair for your upholstery and furniture upholstery concerns.

At Niola Furniture Upholstery Service, we aim to attend to your furniture with care and professionalism. Your furniture repair concerns are our concerns, and we take effective actions and measures to repair your furniture to restore it to its former charm. With our furniture repair and furniture upholstery services, your furniture will be converted into new furniture within no time! Our furniture repair in Burnsville is renowned, accessible, and approachable to our clients based in Maple Grove, Edin Prairie, and Minnetonka.


Upon your request, we will dispatch a team of professional carpenters to provide immediate on-site and in-home furniture repair services. We utilize of upscale upholstery materials and advanced tools to repair your furniture. We utilize the techniques that can instantly restore your furniture to its former condition.

If you are keen on seeking furniture repair in Edina, you can reach out to us without any hesitations, and we will attend to your queries regarding the repair of your furniture. Or, you can simply fill out of the form given on our website, and a member of our team will respond promptly. We provide you with a free consultation on call.